Our Philosophies

The most important thing is to enjoy what you do. We are at our best and our happiest when we are growing, when we have clear goals and when we are smashing those goals! Our job is to help you fulfil those needs through martial arts. We also believe that everyone needs a bit of struggle in their lives, overcoming struggle is how we grow, and learning martial arts can definitely be a struggle.

A great team beats a team of greats any day. One of the most famous families in the martial arts without a doubt has to be the legendary Gracie family. In the early days of mixed martial arts, they ruled supreme and they had a very simple secret to their success. They had a family that trained together day in and day out, always training with each other to get better not training against each other to win. Having a club culture that supports students supporting each other is second to none in producing results, and we aim every day to produce that exact same formula on our mats


Another thing that we are incredibly proud of is our kids program. In the decades to come these kids will grow up to be the people running our society. If we don’t put them on a healthy path now, it might not ever happen. Here at CCMA we aim to give kids much more than just punches and kicks. Teaching leadership and cooperation skills puts kids ahead of their classmates in terms of social development. We aim to give your kids the skills necessary to be confident, and we hope that that confidence will stay with them for the rest of their lives